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Pic by Paris Karin---Click on the Link for Her Flickr Page

Secreted away in Paris like the inside of an ankle or a skin shade over a shoulder blade nestles the rue Dénoyez. This sliver of a street bears needle and ink, for this is the rue where Paris hides her tattoos. Here tag artists trace the passage to cast color shadows along the walls, spill inspiration over stone halls and stain the street with their intelligent designs. The tags are master pieces of the city, they are gritty graffiti, pretty portraits, graff tats in an ever-changing flux of liquid light breathing on the brick like surreal dreams across cement screens. These are urban rainbows are exquisite, evanescent and ethereal because they are ephemeral.

The Rue Where Paris Hides Her Tattoos

Urban Rainbows

Surreal Dreams Across Cement Screens

Tag Artists Stain The Street With Intelligent Designs

Gritty Graffiti


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