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Fay Claassen

[Dedicated to Fay Claasen, after seeing her perform at the Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris France, March 30, 2011.]

Pure Pleasure

Pure like a careless sun too lazy to set on an endless afternoon.

Pure like the note struck by the first drop of rain on an abandoned guitar.

Pure like the siren from a lighthouse reaching out to souls lost at sea.

Pure like a sip of espresso at the bottom of a winter’s eve.

Pure like black & white blues painting the town red.

Pure like neon chilling on the rocks in a glass of whiskey straight.

Pure like waking into a dream you never knew you had.

Pure like the arc of a waning moon slipping between the sheets of dawn.

Pure like the saw that cuts my cross, rasping out your name.

[The song “Everything Must Change” was written by Bernard Ighner and is performed by Fay Claassen & the WDR Big Band Cologne. It is available on her latest CD, Sing!]

Fay Claassen – Sing!