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Press ‘Play’ for a sample of the concert: Nature Boy (written by Eden Ahbez). Plus you’ve got to scroll down to hear the most sexist song ever written, which I’ve graciously tacked onto the bottom of this post.

Paris Karin and I caught a Jazz concert at the Sunside on the rue des Lombards a couple of weeks ago. Tina Provenzano and the Hiroshi Murayama Trio were there to promote their CD Jazzin’, which was put together by my good friends at Integral Distribution. (This time I knew they were my good friends because we got in free, were seated in the front row and got comped drinks.) Soon after we were settled in, the show started. But you know me–and if you don’t they’re still looking for a cure–as just a guy I’m not qualified to give a professional review of the show so what I did throw together came out something like this.

Sunside (Sunny Side Up – Sunset down)

19:25 Oooh, I’m on “The List”. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a list before. OK, not a list for good things. Plus I got a Plus 1. #ParisKarin

Guo Gan on Erhu

19:38 Tina Provenzano is late. #Boozing

19:42 First song is one of my favorites. “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.” [This would be “Nature Boy”, which is what you’re listening to right now because I posted it at the top and you pressed ‘Play’.]

19:47 There’s a Chinese thing and it’s cool as hell and adds a lot to the slower songs. #Erhu

20:03 Asian pianist makes ivory ticklish, the saxophonist is tight and the drummer is a mouth breather but he knows his stuff.

20:10 The vocalist would do really well at a wedding.

20:16 Yeah, I’m guessing she had a little liquid courage before going on stage.

20:27 Oops, the singer is wearing a Jesus jacket.  I may have been wrong about the boozing. Or she had some Jesus juice. #SwearToGod

20:33 Comped drinks. I got a Perrier with ice and a lemon wedge. Ahh, the life of a teetotalling VIP.

20:47 An original song called “Blessed”, based on a Psalm. #bouncy

20:56 Either I’m nearsighted or she’s got a Christmas tree ornament for a brooch.

Tina Provenzano

21:17 She’s gonna do Billie. You don’t want to miss a note when you’re singing on thin ice and in over your head.

21:19 Oh yeah, she should’ve stayed away from Billie. Let this be a lesson to all you jazz singers out there: Billie Holiday is not show tunes, people.

21:23 I like reviewing. It’s a lot easier than everything else. #Funner

21:32 The guy with the cool hat did a kicking solo on his funky 2-stringed coconut box guitar. Oh yes, I am cut out for reviewing.

Guo Gan on Erhu

21:36 Hmm, there’s a reason there are no solo jazz albums with the erhu.

21:40 Yikes, busy jazz. 3 different songs at the same time. I already hear this in my head… #LikeTheVoices

21:58 The stage reminds me of the sound set from ‘Round Midnight. The movie that converted me to jazz. #ReligiousExperience

Xavier Richardeau on Saxophone

22:07 I’m not a professional critic but I play one in bars.

22:11 She covered Dean Martin. She’s like an old blanket in a cheap hotel: she’ll cover anybody.

22:14 “Wives should be lovers too.” “Don’t think because there’s a ring on your finger, you don’t need to try anymore.” It’s not the blues but it’s pretty sad. [This is the song I placed at the bottom of the post for your amusement.]

22:19 The French say that too much love kills love. I wonder if the same is true for jazz.

22:25 She’s following all the right rules, but jazz isn’t about following the rules. Or breaking them. Jazz is all about no rules.

22:36 She hit her stride on the “Sunny Side of the Street”.

Tina Provenzano

22:51 Somebody loves you? No, “Somebody loves you and you and you and you.” A new take on “I want to thank each and every one of you.”

22:59 The drummer dropped a stick mid-song. I love this guy. #He’sReallyVeryTalented

23:16 Off to meet the singer and get my comped, autographed copy. No, I don’t think I’m acting like a sophomore in a limo on his way to his first senior prom. #WhyDoYouAsk?

Here’s the song I promised (lyrics by Hal David): Tina Provenzano – Wives & Lovers

All photos © Paris Paul Prescott 2011