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King Tutankhamen's Inner Gold Coffin

Your mind is a pyramid, your mouth the coffin …

The rubies of your lips are sealed like a casket, silent as the grave that guards the ghosts of your youth. I, I will brave the curses you cast on those who get too close and I will crack your smile, setting free the child cowering inside.

King Tutankhamen's Three Shrines

Your skin is a temple, your heart a tomb …

Gold lace plates your cryptic face and locks the case of the key to your safes where you conceal your treasures from the world. But I, I will battle the sphinx and strip away the gilt that envelopes you so I may pierce the secret chambers of your heart and unearth the wealth kept there.

King Tutankhamen's Outer Coffin

Your body is a shrine, your soul is a grave …

King Tutankhamen's Death MaskYour eyes are mystic diamonds, captivating rogues and thieves dying to rob the grave treasure you have become. Yet I, I alone will decipher the hieroglyphs of your sacred scars and penetrate the holy places you have buried far from those too shallow to reach that deep.

You will be heaven to me…

Pose your riddles, I will answer them. Set your traps, I will escape them. Let loose your demons, I will battle them or, if this proves impossible, I will sacrifice myself at the foot of your altar and lay myself down in you, my sepulcher.  There I will remain and hide nestled inside where I will let myself be buried alive by your profound good fortune.

King Tutankhamen's Outer and Middle coffin__________________________________________________________________

© Paul Prescott

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Tutankhamen: His Tombs and His Treasures
Until September 1st, 2012
Porte de Versailles – Pavillon 8
Métro: Ligne 12 – Station Porte de Versailles
Tramway : T2 or T3 – Station Porte de Versailles
Open every day 10am – 7pm
Price (includes audio guide): 15.90€ (12.90€ on Mondays)
Children (5-14): 12.90€
Children under 5: Free