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Today I visited the exhibition Cinema Paradiso at the Grand Palais and took these shots to give you an idea of what’s going on there.

Cinema Paradiso 01 Cinema Paradiso (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12There is, for example, a working drive-in, complete with cars.

Cinema Paradiso 02 Drive-in (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

The Drive-in

There is a roller rink (roller blades and pads provided at no extra cost)

Cinema Paradiso 03 Roller Skating (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

The Roller Rink

There is an imitation diner with nachos and cheeseburgers (and champagne!?). Plus lots of Coke and even more Coke signage. (Count 10€ for a cheeseburger and 20€ for a decent meal–I didn’t price the champagne.)

Cinema Paradiso 04 Diner (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

The Diner

There is also a selection of American junk food in an impromptu convenience store.

Cinema Paradiso 05 Junk Food b (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

Junk Food Convenience Shopping

There is an interactive History of the Video Game tour, and no charge for the games.

Cinema Paradiso 06 History of Video Games (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

Interactive History of Video Gaming

Cinema Paradiso 07 My Video Games (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

The Games I Grew Up With

As well as the more traditional games, also free.

Cinema Paradiso 08 Pinball Wizard (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

A Pinball Wizard Top Model

And this… You wouldn’t want to forget this…

Cinema Paradiso 09 Barbie Foot (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12

‘Barbie Foot’ (based on ‘Baby Foot’, or French for ‘foosball’)

Display purposes only! Don’t play with the Barbies!

Cinema Paradiso 10 Cinema Paradiso (Paris Paul Prescott) 2013-06-12


Cinéma Paradiso

Nef of Grand Palais
June 10-21, 2013

Activities only: 13€ at the door
Reduction for -12

Activities & Drive-in: 19€
Place in a car with complimentary glass of champagne: 39€

© 2013 Paris Paul Prescott

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All photos © 2013 Paris Paul Prescott